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    Photo of Brianna Wolin, CEO and Co-Founder of Find Your Ditto

    Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder
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    Brianna is a dedicated patient entrepreneur, recognized by Lyfebulb and Novo Nordisk as winner of the International Patient Innovation Award in December 2016. She has healthcare technology startup and social media marketing experience within two diabetes startups’ marketing departments. Brianna is also well-connected to online patient communities via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with several thousand followers and is often regarded as a type 1 diabetes-celiac dual subject-matter authority.

    Photo of Parisa Soraya, CPO and Co-Founder of Find Your DItto

    Chief Product Officer & Co-founder

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    Parisa is a Master of Health Informatics candidate at the University of Michigan with six years of academic experience in health behavior and information science. Her work spans the design, implementation and evaluation of large-scale health initiatives locally and abroad that target the health and well-being of chronic illness patients. Parisa is passionate about creating tools that empower individuals to take control of their healthcare.


    Photo of Adon Rosen, Health Data Analyst at Find Your Ditto

    Health Data Analyst

    Adon is a research specialist with an education ranging from the biological and psychological sciences from the Virginia Tech, to biostatistics from the University of Pennsylvania. Passionate about behavioral health research, he has worked in 4 separate labs relating to cognitive psychology to psychiatry. Past projects have included identifying successful heuristics for math education, identifying social-behavioral idiosyncrasies in nicotine addicted populations, and most predominantly, the relation of neuroimaging biomarkers to cognition. While it may appear circuitous, all of these share in relation one of Adon’s core motivators, developing personalized and predicative­­ mental health methodologies.

    Photo of Dimitri Pallas, Business Analyst at Find Your Ditto

    Business Analyst

    Dimitri is a BBA entering his junior year at the University of Michigan. Coming from a family of healthcare professionals, he hopes to combine his passion for health with his business background in finance and entrepreneurship.

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