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The Impetus for Ditto

About six months ago, I saw a post on Facebook from a public health student requesting brief interviews with individuals who had at least one chronic illness. Little did I know, my hour-long interview with that person would lead me to co-found a company with one of the kindest, most understanding and considerate people I’d met in my college career–Parisa.

Parisa and I began Find Your Ditto (originally a project for Innovation in Action at the University of Michigan) when we realized that the feeling of “it’s just me” was not simply something I said in my interview with her, but something that over 50 individuals said to us, regardless of specific chronic illness. Suddenly we’d identified a glaring concern in chronic illness management–people felt like they were the only ones feeling alone, despite knowing that others are out there with their chronic medical condition(s).

We are working tirelessly to bring Find Your Ditto to you/your caregiver/your spouse/your family member/your neighbor/your cousin’s wife’s father-in-law’s colleague. We are excited to announce that we are beginning to gain traction in the Ann Arbor community and have won several recent grants.

Please follow along with our progress on Facebook (where we’ll post quick updates) and here (where you’ll find more about the big happenings and our thoughts about happenings in healthcare/chronic illness management).

We cannot wait to help you find your ditto.


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