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Finding Our Way as a Digital Health Startup

I read a thought-provoking article last week on TechCrunch, and have been pondering how exactly to fit Find Your Ditto into its declarations.

Min-Sung Sean Kim wrote an article on March 21st entitled “The major pitfall for digital health startups.” It explained the rapidly growing healthcare startup field, receiving $4.5 billion in venture funding last year alone. Beth Seidenberg (HPCB) explained that digital healthcare startups are seen to “reduce costs, increase revenues, and cut red tape for consumers, healthcare practitioners or service providers” but there remains one major, undeniable issue: trust.

Min-Sung continues by explaining how even determining a business model for a digital healthcare startup and seeking funding is fundamentally tied to the trust concern, as there is necessity for building credibility stating that “it takes time to build a startup brand with a reputation of trust.”

The article concludes with a simple statement:

“…[a reputation of trust] is a crucial part to the success and sustainability of a startup aiming to challenge the status quo in health care.”

Find Your Ditto is absolutely ready to challenge the status quo, and as we begin more exciting conversations with potential partners, the question of credibility continues as the forefront of discussions. We’re happy to be mid-pilot on the UM campus with a recent addition of a general sign up (yes, that means anyone can sign up to find a potential Ditto!), which is our first step toward establishing the aforementioned trust and credibility (the more of you we can get to talk about your Ditto experience, the better!). We’re also hopeful to begin clinic-based piloting after we roll-out our MVP–another step toward the crucial trust.

It is going to be a long, arduous process but we believe in Find Your Ditto.

As a potential end-user of Find Your Ditto, how can we build our credibility and establish your trust? Let us know in the comments.


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